The Minecraft Guide

The Minecraft Guide contains helpful hints, tips, strategies and screenshots aimed at explaining the world of minecraft to all new players and gamers having trouble getting started with this incredibly vast game. It shows crafting examples for weapons and building strategy guide advice, as well as some of the issues you may face while making your way through the amazing 3d block landscape. Consider it as an essential primer tutorial for how to play Minecraft starting right from the beginning!

Our guidance generally applies to both the browser based and downloadable current versions of the game and does NOT refer to the old "classic" version, which will be phased out soon by the creators. Please also note that this is the SAME ebook available on the homepage, but presented here on a seperate tab to keep everything organized. The file format can be read by any PDF reader. Click below to access the download now...

download the minecraft guide now
minecraft virtual world strategy guide

We sincerely hope you have fun playing!